TOP Places to be in when you are in Cebu City Philippines!


Cebu is an entire province in the Philippines fully focused on tourists and people who want to see a different part of the world. Each year, millions of people from all parts of the globe come here. If you want to become one of them, you will have to know which places should be visited. Cebu Tourist Destinations come in a high number, so if you are short on time, visiting the ones that will appeal to you the most is a wise thing to do. Anyway, we listed some of the places, areas and interesting locations which should be seen.

  • City of Cebu
    City of Cebu

Obviously, when you are in Cebu province, visiting the city with the same name is essential. It is a mid-sized city which is actually completely different than the capital Manila. Here, you can enjoy beautiful things, visit plenty of interesting monuments and historic places, while spending time on a beach anytime you want.

The food here is extraordinary as well. It is one of a kind and it is simply delicious. Some of it can be tried here and only here, so take some time into just eating. Buying something you always wanted is also recommended, thanks to a variety of shopping malls, markets, hotels like Southpole Central Hotel and shops. Regardless of your age, you will have a great time here, so the City of Cebu must be your priority. Why to enjoy Cebu City? The entire city is focused on you, providing an unforgettable experience.

  • Moalboal

At the first sign, you may believe that Moalboal is a Panagsama Beach. It is a crowded and relatively small beach where finding space is a knowledge. Actually, the real Moalboal is located 90 km outside the city. We liked this place due to several factors. It is wonderful for all of you who want to dive, swim, enjoy precious sunsets and enjoy beautiful meals. As such, take some time for visiting this place.

Maybe you also believe that this trip will cost you, but it is a common mistake, nothing more. Coming here actually, costs 30 pesos if you travel with habal-habal or 100 pesos with a tricycle. Don’t get lost, so make sure you travel to the west from the city.

  • Malapascua Island
    Malapascua Island

For those of you who want something more challenging, visiting the Malapascua Island is a great thing to do. It provides several, original attractions. The main one is swimming with the sharks. It sounds scary, but actually, it is incredibly safe. There were no mortalities and each person who tried this kind of swimming wanted to do it again. All sharks here are thresher sharks. Nowhere else they can be seen in shallow waters, which made the place a bit special. We will also add adorable beaches and trees that will give you plenty of needed shade. In essence, this place should be visited, period.

Most of you will come from Maya. There are a sufficient number of boats between these two places, but just in case, if you miss the last one, go to Abba Family Lodge. It is located next to the pier, literally 100 meters, and you will spend a night in a wonderful family-owned cottage. Yes, it is affordable as well.

  • Bantayan Island
    Bantayan Island

Here we have a place which is entirely directed towards relaxation. There are no so many things you can do here, but just relaxing and drinking a drink are sufficient for most people. White beach is one of a kind and it has been commonly defined as one of the best-looking beaches in the Philippines.  The city here which deserves your attention is Santa Fe. 10 kilometers from the city is another town. It is called Bantayan city and it is the heart of the island. While Santa Fe is all about relaxation, Bantayan is more of an elite and administrative place.

Holly Week is definitely the time when you need to be on the island. The entire island will be completely transferred into a fiesta. You can even rent a home of a local family and throw a party. Even better, the entire island is optimized for parties. Top tip: Prices during the Holly Week will be significantly increased. Make sure to get reservations as early as possible.

  • Lapu-Lapu (Mactan Island)
    Lapu-Lapu (Mactan Island)

Mactan Island is commonly known as Lapu-Lapu, so don’t get confused if you hear this term. This is the place where you will land if you come with a plane. It is next to the City of Cebu and it is connected by 2 bridges, so reaching the main city won’t be an issue. Here you will be able to get all-day relaxation and to have a great time with your friends. The entire place is filled with resorts, so finding space is easy and simple.

The airport offers excellent connections to other parts of the world. The most common destinations are Hong Kong, Korea, and Manila. If we assume that you will land here, it is advised to spend a few hours before moving to the City of Cebu (you will probably go there first). Interesting: Some tourists stay the entire vacation in this place, without visiting any other island or a city.

  • Olango Island
    Olango Island

From Mactan Island, you can take a Bangka and in less than 20 minutes you will reach this island. With more than 1030 hectares of white-sand beaches and lovely sea, you will have a great time, that’s for sure. The island is commonly visited by bird enthusiasts due to the fact there are 48 different species, including some of the rarest on the planet. It is a bit isolated, which also made it suitable for all of you who want privacy.

The key element here is when to come. During October and November, tourists from Australia and East Asia will dominate the island. During February and March, people from Europe and the United States come. Make sure you follow one of these choices, simply because then the tide is the lowest, so you can swim safely, while birds come to the beach as well.

  • Toledo

Toledo is a small town which deserves a few hours of your time. Here is all about the adventure you will get while reaching it. In other words, you will need to take a bus which will travel between 1 and 2 hours from any other city you are in at the moment. During the travel, you will meet a lot of interesting people who will share their story with you. The city itself is small and offers decent accommodations, but this is usually another advantage of the small city.

Reaching the city will cost you 30-10 pesos, depending on where you come. Usually, buses are the main choice, but driving is an option as well. In general, you will invest your vacation time into exploring Cebu.

  • Lilo-an

Lilo-an wasn’t a desirable place to visit a few years ago, but today, it is one of the priorities. It is completely remodeled and improved, purely for tourists. It offers advanced accommodations and a great beach. Anything you like is a few minutes away and getting to another place is easier than ever. Most of you will want to go to Sibulan and luckily, there are a lot of boats to meet your demands.

Regardless of what you want to see, this island has it. You should make a few hours or one day to spend here.

  • Danao

Danao is a small city on the coast. Obviously, this should be the main reason why it has to be visited. In reality, there are plenty of more reasons why you must come here. It is relatively close to the City of Cebu, only 25 kilometers, so reaching it won’t be a problem. You can get a taxi, habal-habal or a bus. For history enthusiasts, this is the place to visit first. The main attraction is the famous St Tomas de Villanueva Church. It was built in 1755, but over the years, it was almost completely ruined. The local government rebuilt it in 1981 and now it is more beautiful than ever before.

Accommodations are entirely focused on the sea. After all, this is a coastal city. On the other side (literally another side) you will be able to see amazing mountains. You can take some time and go hiking. All of the mountains you can see are close to the city and there are great paths across them. Once you get bored here, take a boat to Consuelo or Pacijan Island. There are several boats per day.

Don’t forget

Don’t forget to move around and explore the Cebu province. It is the place literally made for travelers who want to see something different and unique. You will have a great time, here regardless of what you want to do and what you want to see. Maybe you want to swim with the sharks, to dive or just to take pictures of monuments. All of this is possible in Cebu province.